Document Scanning

Document scanning is one of the best ways to improve efficiency, free up space and modernise your business all in one go. There are many advantages to be made when looking at document archiving and scanning. The key areas that many of our clients consider are:


Are you thinking of expanding or need the extra space?

Are you interested in reducing costs through better document management?

Turn your archives into a virtual filing cabinet, reducing filing time, human error and freeing much needed space, whilst freeing the resources of staff.


Have you given up searching for a document?

Will you receive the document you need in time?

Digital Scanning & Archiving allows you to search for your document directly from your in house system, or have access to it on the move.


How would your business survive if your office or documents were destroyed by fire or flood?

Have you worked out the cost of losing data?

By scanning and digitally archiving your company & client records they can be protected with simple methods. Offsite daily backups, fireproof / waterproof data safes, offsite document storage. In the event of disaster your documents could be easily accessible.

Environmental Consciousness

Have you worked out how much paper you use over a year?

How much are you spending on Printer Inks when you dont need to print?

Reduced paper output and a reduction in printer ink not only reduce costs but also improves your green profile.


Do you currently have an employee dedicated to managing your filing system?

How much are you paying for office space that could be put to more practical use?

Are you paying for un-necessary outside storage, afraid to destroy your historical data?

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Archive IT continuously check the market and costs of our competitors and guarantee to offer the most cost effective option for your document scanning needs. We offer help and support with your move to digital document archiving and are happy to offer an initial free trial to help you make that progression in this even increasing digital world. Contact us for more information.

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